Watch how easy it is to create an email campaign


Your daily sending capacity depends on your email provider’s limit (check some of them here). Make sure you don’t exceed it by adjusting campaign’s sending options.

You can seamlessly connect the most popular mailboxes, such as Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange as well as all secured mailboxes and IMAP accounts.

Yes, it’s a necessary step to ensure good email deliverability. You can do it with Woodpecker by adjusting the sending settings accordingly, as explained in these blog posts about domain warm-up and email address warm-up.

Woodpecker is designed to send simple text emails. You can edit some parts of your message in HTML, for example your email signature.

Yes. Our server IPs are used to initiate the sending, and your provider’s IPs are used to actually send the emails to make your messages look as if they were sent manually.

Woodpecker will take care of sending your emails and follow-ups and analyzing the results, allowing you to switch the focus to other things. You can use it for various jobs across your company, like cold emailing, webinar lead generation, boosting trial conversions, or onboarding new customers.

Email personalization is one of Woodpecker’s core features. You can tailor each email to individual recipients with special custom fields.

We have a slot-based billing system, which means you’ll be charged for the total number of slots. You can connect only one email address per slot, just like you can insert only one plug to a socket. In addition, you’ll also be able to purchase add-ons.

Right, in Woodpecker you pay per seat, which can be a team user or an email address. For example, 2 teams users and 2 send from email accounts = 2 seats.

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