Master webinars with advice from experts

Want to learn how to run engaging webinars that bring conversions? These experts will lend you a helping hand.

Jon has been a webinar coach and a digital marketing consultant for over 10 years, during which he’s helped hundreds of businesses to increase sales.

Most of his clients are consulting and service businesses that sell high-ticket programs and services, and this includes both smaller companies and big brands.

He's also the host of Webinar Mastery Summit.

Looking for a way to close more high-ticket deals? Jon might show you how to do so by leveraging the power of webinars.

He’s a webinar expert through and through, but his expertise stretches beyond that: he might also help you with your social media marketing strategy, paid ads, online summits, and other areas of online marketing.

Daniel is a well-rounded digital marketer who knows his way around webinars really well. He’s hosted over 500 of those himself, so you can be sure that every piece of advice he gives, he gives from experience.

And, in his own words, he’s on a mission to end all dull webinars.

Daniel will help you with the technical nitty gritty of a webinar and with getting people to show up, but that’s not the only way he can help you to jump the learning curve.

As a speaker himself, he will also throw in some tips on how to overcome stage fright and better connect with your audience to inspire action.

Sherrie has been a webinar coach for nearly a decade, during which she’s helped multiple companies all over the world to get more leads, close more sales and create a better connection with their audience.

She shared her vast knowledge in ‘The Webinar Way’, a guide on how to run webinars.

Sherrie will help you come up with a successful webinar strategy, guiding you every step of the way - from generating leads with registration, through crafting measurable CTAs for your presentation, to following up with participants after the webinar to grow your customer base.

She’ll give you advice on how to engage your audience and drive sales.

Joel has helped hundreds of clients across various niches to achieve a 7-figure growth in revenue - and he did so solely by training them on his webinar strategies and practices.

He’s also the host of ‘Sold with Webinars’ and ‘Experts Unleashed’ podcasts.

Joel specializes in sales messaging, funnels and conversion - so if you want to try using webinars to sell your product or services, book phone appointments and generate qualified sales leads, consider talking to Joel. High-converting sales webinars are right up his street.

Corena has been developing, hosting, and training others on how to run successful webinars for fifteen years. She has hosted over one thousand webinars for the GoToWebinar and GoToTraining platforms.

She’s worked for Fortune 500 companies and many tech start-ups.

Corena’s also known as “The Webinar Guru”.

Corena’s an expert in creating highly interactive webinars that will keep an audience captivated.

She’ll show you how to build your presentation to spark interest and create a human connection, while making sure you drive your business goals.

Dave is a webinar producer and consultant, and the founder of Clark Webinar Consulting.

He has a background in webinar management and marketing and over 10 years of hands-on experience.

As a webinar producer, Dave will surely show you the ropes of webinar technicalities, but he’ll also share his knowledge on how to market and promote your webinars.

You can also count on him when it comes to advice on webinar execution and best practices.

Lev is the Managing Director at, helping organizations to utilize webinars to their full extent and reach their business goals.

He’s been working with multiple companies to guide them towards putting on great webinars for nearly 10 years.

Lev and his team have a vast and in-depth knowledge of how webinars work. They don’t sell webinars. Instead, they’ll give you everything you need to run a successful one by yourself.

They’ll help you with your webinar program strategy and design, its tactical execution, and even provide you with a host if need be. They may also audit your existing webinar program.