Feel secure while sending your emails

Woodpecker features

Have duplicates detected automatically

Always be sure there are no duplicates – whether importing contacts, adding them manually, or syncing from another software.

Woodpecker Duplicate Email Address Detection

Avoid sending to non-existing addresses

Have all prospects’ addresses validated before sending. If there’s a chance of a hard bounce, your messages won’t be sent to the doubtful address.

Never send the same twice to one person

You won’t send the same campaign to a prospect twice, unless you want to do that on purpose.

Woodpecker 'Prospect Contacted' Alert

Always be aware of soft & hard bounces

Keep track of all bounced messages to keep your domain safe and easily assess the quality of your prospect base source. Monitoring soft and hard bounces is crucial to avoid being blacklisted and maintain a good reputation as a sender.

Blacklist chosen domains and addresses

Be sure you’ll never reach out by accident to your current customers and other addresses that you don’t want to contact. Blacklist a domain to avoid the risk of sending unwanted emails.

Blacklisting chosen domains and addresses in Woodpecker

Preview all your emails before sending

Make sure all the custom fields fit into the copy. Before you send out your campaign, check what the message will look like in the prospect’s inbox.

Never send an email with a missing custom field

Your emails with missing custom fields will be automatically blocked from sending. The prospects whose profiles lack some necessary info will be marked as to-check.

Protect your sender's reputation with a trustworthy tool