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Convenient Agency Panel

Create an account for each client & never mix up client information. Avoid data overlapping between clients or having it seen by unauthorized users.

Integrations via API

Streamline your agency's work & integrate Woodpecker with the rest of your tools, such as CRMs, prospecting tools or calendar apps. Activate seamless data flow.

Easy management

Use folders to help your team collaborate within a project. They make your campaigns more readable and clean - everything is sorted.

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Alan Bueno

CEO and co-founder at Nerus Sales

I found out about Woodpecker during my stay in Silicon Valley three years ago. Since then Woodpecker has become a key in our growth strategy. We didn't need to develop our own follow-up platform, Woodpecker was the answer to all our needs.

Automate and track your follow-ups and optimize email deliverability

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Intelligent reply detection

It recognizes replies from forwarded emails & stops follow-ups to that prospect. It detects auto-replies and opt-out link clicks.

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Readable stats

All important campaign stats in one place. Track your campaign’s progress and react immediately, so that your customer success team can respond in real time.

Better open rates with SSL

Woodpecker’s tracking pixel uses HTTPS, making sure that your messages reach inboxes that block HTTP links.

Domain blacklist

To prevent you from contacting unwanted domains, you can manually add a domain to Blacklist. You won’t be able to send emails to email addresses on that domain.

Get all the emails delivered without automation showing through

Safe sending algorithm

Emails get sent 1-by-1 at irregular time intervals, just like you would send them manually for your client. This protects your client’s domain and increases open rates.

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Email adress verification

Woodpecker is synced with Bouncer, an email verifier. If Bouncer finds any nonexistent email addresses on your list, Woodpecker won’t send any messages to them.

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Custom domain tracking

To keep your client’s messages secure & fully consistent in terms of branding, you can add your own custom tracking domain.

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Dedicated IP

Instead of sharing IP with other email senders, Woodpecker allows you to switch to a dedicated IP if your email volume is high. Sustain good reputation.

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