23 Aug 2021

Woodpecker Calls

Our call scheduling & tracking app for Android has seen the light! With it you're able to call your prospects directly from your phone wherever you are.

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24 Jun 2021

Start your campaign with condition

Place a condition before an opening email and conduct more personalized campaigns without splitting your prospect's base into different campaigns.

14 May 2021

Call tasks

A new manual task type will help you contact your prospects faster. And there's more to come - let's stay in touch, so you don't miss it!

29 Apr 2021

Calendly integration

A simple, yet powerful integration is available! All prospects who schedule a meeting with you, will be automatically marked as RESPONDED.

29 Mar 2021

LinkedIn tasks

Manual tasks have a new option. With this feature you'll find your prospects on Linkedin in a blink of an eye... or with two mouse-clicks.

13 Jan 2021

New billing

A new billing is here. We brought more elasticity to your account setup and payment. Now you decide what you're paying for!

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