New billing

All aboard - big changes ahead! We’ll bring more elasticity to your account setup and payment. Observe.

16 Nov 2020

Snippet-based conditions

Split your email sequence into two paths based on prospects’ data and add even more personalization to your messages.

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15 Oct 2020

Manual tasks

It’s the first step towards multichannel campaigns in Woodpecker. Add a manual task and never forget to close your deals via LinkedIn, Twitter or phone.

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11 Aug 2020

Integration with Google Sheets

Spread the word about your business faster with our Google Sheets integration. Easily import your spreadsheets to Woodpecker and start contacting your prospects right away.

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1 Jul 2020

Hunter integration

Spending a lot of time on hunting up your leads in Hunter? Use our simple integration and import them to Woodpecker effortlessly.

19 May 2020

A/B tests in campaign

Optimize your campaigns by creating up to 5 versions of one email. Test its copy and subject to find a version that is most appealing to your customers.

19 Mar 2020

In-app notifications

Never lose track of your campaigns. You’ll get in-app notification every time something’s not right with your email account and campaigns are not being sent.